Chieko Mori started to learn the Japanese Traditional Instrument the Koto,

Japanese Dance and Piano  at the age of three.

After graduated Keio University in Tokyo (dep. of Environmental Information at SFC),

she decided to create her own sound and left Japan to find new frontier beyond traditional Koto music.

In 1999, Chieko moved to Italy Treviso, where she was invited to FABRICA Music Department

(Benetton artist research center)  for years. She had been to exploring sounds by working with musicians of diverse backgrounds, and to find new forms of communication beyond specific musical cultures.

Whilst living in London after 2000, had been working with Robert Wilson's theater production, involving music composition for Venice Biennale 2001 and Giorgio Armani exhibition with Michael Galasso (Composer-Violinist). 

In 2005, she released first original album from Tzadik in New York.

She has been composed music for Dance production of Virpi Pahkinen (Stockholm) since 2007.

She started KOTO STUDIO her own school in Tokyo 2007, where students have environment to learn

Koto without involving any particular school styles and convention, rather guide to develop individual sounds.

Students now attend from around the world, she enthusiastically leads her methods to a new generation

of Koto Performers.

She has fully mastered the techniques of classical Koto, but has adopted a fresh approach towards the Instrument and suggesting new possibilities for improvising and composition.

Chieko had been performing various festivals and concerts over 14 countries, more than 70 cities.

Chieko Mori ha iniziato a studiare il Koto (strumento tradizionale giapponese a corde)

a tre anni. Si è laureata all’Università Keio di Tokyo e nel 1996 ha cominciato a comporre per la televisione nazionale giapponese.

Nel 2001 Chieko si è affacciata sulla scena internazionale, suonando alla Brooklyn Academy di New York, alla Royal Festival Hall di Londra, alla Biennale con la compagnia di danza Corte Sconta e componendo per la mostra dedicata a Giorgio Armani al Guggenheim. L’anno successivo ha visto l’artista giapponese comporre ed esibirsi dal vivo per la produzione de Le Tre Sorelle di Cechov diretta da Robert Wilson. 

Nel 2005 è uscito il suo primo album da solista, Jumping Rabbit, prodotto dall’etichetta Tzadik di John Zorn. Il cd è stato registrato in Italia e New York e propone una serie di bellissimi brani per solo koto, e koto e voce. John Zorn dice a riguardo: “Lirico e meditativo, Jumping Rabbit è un cd di notevole bellezza che regala profonde emozioni.” La musica che l’artista propone non appartiene a nessun genere occidentale, orientale, classico o contemporaneo, tuttavia Chieko riesce a conivolgere tutti questi stili e rielaborarli.


The sound that she plays doesn’t belong to any of the genre such as the West, the Orient, Classics,

the Contemporary music, and Avant-gardes, yet she is eager to embrace them all. Her sound is

a voice of her own soul.

Antonio Convertini 2006 Kino Music Italy

instrument traditionnel japonais, qui pratique son art depuis son enfance. Minimaliste, simple, mais pourtant remplie d’e..motions, ce 《 jumping rabbit 》 me..rite plus que le coup d’oreille. C’est toute la tradition japonaise qui nous remonte facilement dans la te^te et qui nous traverse l’esprit a.. l’e..coute de la virtuosite.. de son auteur.

Une galette de toute beaute.. qui vous poussera a.. la me..ditation malgre.. vous, ce qui fait d’ailleurs la grande force de ce disque.

Adrien, webmagazine pepper-zone, 2006 in France

Studying koto since the age of three, Mori Chieko is one of the world’s most versatile koto virtuosos. She has spent long periods in Italy, London and the United States, collaborated with Michael Galasso, and created music for dance, film and theater, including several productions by Robert Wilson. Her first CD for Tzadik was recorded in both Italy and New York, and presents a beautiful series of pieces for solo koto, and koto and voice. Lyrical and meditative, Jumping Rabbit is a CD of remarkable beauty and heartfelt emotions.

voice from John Zorn (CD from Jumpiing Rabbit, 2005)

She is a Master Koto Player.

India TIME magazine, 2002

Good meditative stroll and pluking melodies from the ether.

Paul Fisher, critic

A young and wonderfully talented interantional musician, she is able to use her Japanese classic music tradition in surprising and her own creative way.

Michael Galasso, composer



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